Jennifer Galehouse


Jennifer Galehouse comes to Environmental and Energy Consulting with over 30 years of legislative and government experience. She began her legislative career as an Assembly Fellow in 1990 and after completing the fellowship, served as both Assembly and Senate staff working for the Chair of Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife and the Chair of Senate Agriculture and Water.


After spending time advocating for water agencies, Jennifer was appointed to the Resources Agency as the Assistant Secretary for Legislation and as the Deputy Director for External Affairs for the Bay Delta Authority. In 2004, Jennifer was appointed Deputy State Controller and served from 2004-2006. Jennifer returned to the Assembly as the Special Assistant to the Speaker and staffed the landmark legislation, AB 32, the Global Climate Solutions Act of 2006, the nation’s first climate bill. The following year, Jennifer staffed AB 118, the California Alternative and Renewable Fuel, Vehicle Technology, Clean Air, and Carbon Reduction Act of 2007, which established a $130 million per year incentive program to help Californians transition away from fossil fuels.


Jennifer finished the last 11 years of her Assembly career as a fiscal analyst for the Assembly Appropriations Committee with policy jurisdiction over bills related to environmental safety and toxic materials, water, parks and wildlife, natural resources, alternative transportation, climate, and renewable energy.Jennifer consults with EEC on a variety of budget and legislative issues including water, transportation, and land conservation.