About Us

Environmental & Energy Consulting (EEC) is a lobbying and consulting firm specializing in environmental advocacy.  We offer a team of conservation professionals trained as advocates and practitioners that support California’s conservation objectives.  The firm has extensive policy knowledge in a wide range of environmental issues, including but not limited to natural resources, open space, parks and park access, wildlife, climate, and cap-and-trade.

Reed Addis, the firm’s principal, founded EEC to provide a team-oriented approach to solving environmentally-focused organizations’ policy and funding needs.  Whether it is legislative strategy, regulatory support, project and program funding development, budget process expertise, or overall policy guidance, Reed has strategically assembled a team of experts to service each of these areas.  EEC’s team has a proven track record of success in conservation legislation, funding for conservation projects, climate policy and funding, and coalition building.

Together, the firm has widespread relationships with directors of all the departments in the California Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Agencies, staff and members of key policy and budget committees, legislative leadership, and the Governor’s Office. These established relationships have been essential to EEC’s policy and funding successes on behalf of its clients.