Jessica Little


Jessica Little specializes in state budget, funding, and project development.  She helps clients build relationships with and enhance communication between key state agencies to access funding for their projects.   Jessica’s established relationships with the Natural Resources Agency, Wildlife Conservation Board, and State Coastal Conservancy have been key to her successes. Her relationships with the Department of Fish and Wildlife and California Department of Transportation were instrumental in helping these agencies better prioritize planning and analysis for wildlife crossings, such as the wildlife tunnel at Laurel Curve in Santa Cruz County.


Prior to EEC, Jessica managed CSG’s project funding program for its clients, and helped with implementation of Proposition 84 (2006).  Jessica also broadened her funding expertise working at Kestrel Consulting, where she gained an intimate understanding of water recycling, wastewater, and water-energy projects.


Jessica graduated with a B.A. in Environmental Studies from California State University, Sacramento.