Cory Bullis


Cory Bullis specializes in clean transportation, energy, and waste policy.  Cory has expertise in legislative, budget, and regulatory processes, and helps clients design and implement engagement strategies accordingly to accomplish their policy goals.  In 2018, Cory was integrally involved in drafting and passing a number of bills to help deploy clean vehicles and infrastructure, including AB 2061, the Clean Truck Deployment Act, helping fleet operators convert their vehicles to cleaner alternatives; SB 1016 to remove arbitrary requirements that were preventing the deployment of EV charging stations, and; AB 2006 to help farmworkers in low-income and disadvantaged communities access clean transportation options.  He has also previously managed coalition-oriented strategies to protect the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, and has helped secure cap-and-trade auction revenues for critical clean transportation incentive programs. 


Previously, Cory served as a legislative assistant at Conservation Strategy Group, where he worked climate, energy, and conservation policy.  Cory graduated with an MPPA from California State University, Sacramento, and a B.A. in Communication and Linguistics from University of California, Davis.